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5 piosenek które Inspirują Justina :)

1. “Man In the Mirror” - Michael Jackson

“You can feel the emotion in what he's saying, and how it's about looking into yourself. The message behind it is great. It’s a really inspiring song”

2. “I Believe I Can Fly” - R. Kelly

“This song is kind of like Never Say Ever, where anything is possible, and you just have to believe. It’s definitely uplifting"

3. "Dear God” - Boyz II Men

“My mom has been listening to Boyz II Men ever since I was little. It was always on in the house. Now, this song is in my iTunes"

4. “Down to Earth” - Justin Bieber

“It's about my parents splitting up when I was really little and about the struggles I went through and am still going through. I think that's inspiring because so many kids’ parents are divorced nowadays”

5. “Never Say Never” - Justin Bieber

“We actually did the song 'Never Say Never' first, so in a way it inspired the movie, which is basically about me, a small town kid, being able to live his dream and be successful. The message is don’t ever give up, so I think it was perfect for that”

A jeżeli chodzi o mnie to dla mnie największą inspiracją jest poprostu JUSTIN -<3
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