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“After The Show”



“Norway has been great. The weather has been neither too hot nor cold, I like that, and I have both been out bowling and eating sushi, so it has been fun to be here. I also met a wide range of fans, and they have been sweet and kind all together. Totally amazing”

A short time earlier, the company that maintains Bieber security in Norway “hijacked” a passenger in the basement at Royal Christiania hotel where Bieber is lodged, to drive him the most incognito the few hundred meters to Østbanehallen, where Bieber gives Dagbladet ten minutes of their precious time.

I: Can the fans sometimes go too far?

“Yes, it is clear what happens. Yet it is always great to meet them. I never think that I wish they were less affectionate, I love them just like they are.  Imagine if everyone walked around and called you by both the first and last name, would you not have felt that it was a bit strange…”

I: It is the first time Justin Bieber is in Norway - a country he also knows through his mother’s former assistant, who is Norwegian, and Norwegian director Ray Kay, who made the music video for his first big hit, “Baby” - currently the most watched music video on Youtube ever.

“Oh, Ray Kay is Norwegian? Cool! He is super talented, and yes, of course, I will work with him again. He has after all made the greatest music video ever”

I: Although he could well imagine combining the pop star life with film recordings. It applies only to find the right role.

“I have received lots of offers and are constantly on the new script and considering roles. Many artists have tried to become actors have chosen the wrong roles for them, so I try not to fall into their trap. It must be the perfect role”

I: Finally, we ask him to sign a picture we have with - to give to one lucky reader Dagblad. It does Justin Bieber like, but think we could print it on a slightly smaller format.

“It seems the all the little imperfections mine, he says, laughing, and turns the pen.”

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