Wpisy użytkownika JustinDrewBieber z dnia 17 sierpnia 2012

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Justin poprosił Beliebersów na Twitterze o wybranie tyłu okładki do jego nowej książki. Były do wyboru dwie opcje

A lub B

Po kilku dniach głosowania Justin ogłosił iż:

“'m excited to reveal to you guys that the back cover photo for #JustGettingStarted is A...”

13 Września Książka trafi na półki skepowe w Ameryce, Kanadzie i Wielkiej Brytanii.. a Kiedy w Polsce hmm??? xD


Którą opcje wy byście wybrali ? :)
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teraz już dokładnie 26 727 450 ;)

wpisy z twittera JB


“26 MILLION of you.”


Jus jest nominowany w 2 kategoriach do tegorocznej gali Video Music Awards.

“Best Male Video”



“Best Pop Video”



od: @DjTayJames

@justinbieber @kirkfranklin #believe #weknowthedj


od: @RodneyJerkins

“My son lil RJ hanging out with @JustinBieber at his rehearsal today. Check out this cool pic”


od: @kirkfranklin

“Great seeing you again bro! Me and my family appreciate the love! RT @justinbieber: @kirkfranklin in the building!”

od: @OtherJustin

“JB giving @iambharv props on his bass solo #rehearsal #believe


@justinbieber putting in work today on the #guitar #drums #singing #rehearsal #believe






*Justin, do you consider yourself a romantic?

Yeah I’m a pretty romantic guy. My mom did a great job raising me – I’m a pretty sensitive guy as well.

*Aww, so if you want to do something especially romantic, what do you do?

I think the best romantic ideas are things that you spend time on. Maybe a picnic, where you bring all the stuff and make it something she’s going to remember, so she can tell all her friends and say: ‘He did this for me.’

*What’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

I think it’s mostly up to the guy to be romantic, so I don’t think the girl should be the romantic one, I think it should be the guy.

*Why do you think that?

I just think that it’s your responsibility, you are the guy, you have to be the one to take her out, she can’t be taking you out. And for me, I feel it takes away my masculinity.

*What is the best advice that your mum gave to you?

Probably to always remember where I came from. And to always stay humble.

* What kind of things make you laugh?

I love to watch movies. I love Will Ferrell and my favourite is Kevin Hart, I think he’s very funny. Look him up, he’s pretty new on the scene.

*You must meet so many celebrities, is there anyone special that gives you goosebumps?

Michael Jackson. I definitely want to be on that level someday.

*Did you ever meet him?

I never got the chance to meet him. When I first moved to the US, I came to LA to rehearse and he was right across the street, he was watching a movie at the cinema across the road. So he was there and I wanted to run over and see if I could catch him, but he had already left so I missed him. I was disappointed.

*Is there still a friend from school that you see and hang out with?

Yeah, actually my friend Ryan. He’s here with me today and we’ve been friends since I was really young, so it’s really special that he’s being able to ride on the journey with me.

*Congratulations on the success of your album Believe. How happy are you?

Thank you! I am very excited that Believe is being so well received. I worked very hard on the album and I’m glad people are liking it.

*What songs are you looking forward to singing live?

I’m excited about the entire album – from As Long As You Love Me, which is a high energy dance performance, to Die In Your Arms, which I perform acoustically with my guitar player, Dan Kanter. Performing is my favourite part of my job.

*After seeing you at the Summertime Ball this year, we are very excited about the tour – what can your UK fans expect?

We’re just getting the tour together, but the UK fans can expect a great show that is even bigger than the My World Tour. I am so excited and blessed to go out on tour again.

*What goes on your rider?

Water, tea, fruit, snack bars – nothing too crazy!

*What do you get up to backstage?

We hang around and play video games a lot. We keep it very relaxed before a show.

*Any rituals before you go on stage?

We always do a prayer circle before I go on stage.

*Can you remember what you were thinking the first time you put a video on YouTube?

When I first started posting videos on YouTube, I was just sharing videos of me in a local singing contest with a family members who couldn’t be there.

*How important is the internet to your career?

The internet is extremely important to my career. I was discovered on YouTube, I use Twitter to communicate with my fans everyday. The internet is and always has been an important lifeline between me and my fans.

*How are you coping with all the attention? You get mobbed EVERYWHERE you go?

I love the attention – what 18-year-old guy wouldn’t like to be chased around by teenage girls all day long!

* Is there anywhere you can go incognitio?

There are a few places I can go where I don’t get recognised, but things stay low key. But I can’t give my secrets away and tell you where those are.

*Spoilsport! Do you ever have days when you just think, arrrgh leave me alone?

Of course, Everyone has bad days. I’m just lucky that when I’m feeling tired or rundown, I can think about my fans and the support they give me everyday – I never want to let them down.

*What do you do when you feel like that – do you take time out?

My team makes sure I get at least one day off a week to relax and hang out.